Shawn Sinclair



Shawn has been in the Carpenters Union since 1989, working for many different contractors and honing the skills of his trade as he received his journeyman status. Shawn is one of WA Patriot’s most valued foremen and has to ability to build a strong rapport his crew  members. He works alongside them and communicates effectively to keep them motivated to produce quality work in a safe environment. Shawn says the key to growth and success is realizing that you can learn something every day from anyone that will teach you or share their experience. No matter what their role is, everyone on a project has a different outlook they can share and contribute for the better of the job.  Outside of work,  Shawn says he’s pretty reserved. He enjoys spending time with family, playing video games, working on truck projects with his son, and tackling all the “honey-do” lists of family and friends.