Dave Rutherford

Vice President, Controller


Dave has been in the construction industry since the early 1980’s. He spent 14 years managing the financial records of Wade Perrow Construction before he transitioned over to WA Patriot in 2009. Dave has a BA in Accounting and is a Certified Construction Industry Finance Professional (CCIFP), which enhances his importance to not only our firm, but to the industry as a whole. He oversees WA Patriot’s Accounting and Information Technology departments, ensuring company financial records are in order and that company policies are being adhered to.

One might think Dave’s expertise and passion lies in making 1+1 equal 2, but when asked what the favorite part of his job is, he’ll tell you it involves teaching others and seeing them excel. When not crunching numbers, Dave enjoys being outdoors on his bicycle and spending quality time with his wife.