East Plaza Garage Repairs Phase 5B

This project implemented a phased approach under a GC/CM contract to repair the membrane, seal and protect the structure from water infiltration, and repair damaged systems and features of the East Campus Plaza. All work was performed while maintaining full access to the adjacent buildings and parking garage.


Muckleshoot Indian Tribe’s Veterans Memorial Plaza and Park

The Veterans Memorial was developed to honor the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe’s veterans and provide a place for reflection and healing. The Memorial, designed by Nakano Associates and constructed by WA Patriot, features a winding path and dry stream that meander through the site and converge at the Veteran’s Memorial Wall, where a 25’ long by 4’ tall eagle is highlighted. The memorial plaza is slightly elevated, giving visitors a view of Mt. Rainier as the backdrop to the Eagle Memorial Wall. Flagpoles are located behind the memorial wall, and all walls are cast in place concrete, stained black by iron oxide.

UW Bike Shelters

This project consists of design/engineering, fabrication, site prep, and installation of bike houses and racks at various sites across the UW campus, with the first three sites being UW Medical Center, Cascade Tower, and Skagit Lane. The shelters are fully enclosed stand-alone structures with card access, lighting, and security cameras. They provide housing for bike racks that hold approximately 63 bikes.

Install Arresting Gears

WA Patriot installed retractable hook support systems to replace the existing above ground arrest gear cables in use at a fully operational air field. The arrest gear cables are used for emergency landing arrest. The work included demolition of 15’ x 200’ of steel plates & concrete at the site of the existing arresting gear cable for install of the new arresting gear system. The runways were shut down to air traffic during construction but adjacent runways were operational.

Hospital Boiler Replacement


Work included demolishing 3 steam boilers, associated piping and the 8-story chimney flue, and installing two steam boilers, 4 condensing boilers, a new chimney flue, and associated equipment to upgrade the heating system of a Bremerton hospital. The removed boilers were replaced with two new 200 HP steam boilers as well as 4 condensate steam boilers. All work, other than the 7-story stack removal, was located within the boiler mechanical room. No external equipment throughout the hospital was replaced or modified.

Repair Railroad Bridges, Various Locations

RR Bridges

This design-build project consisted of repairing four railroad bridges in the Bremerton and Shelton areas. Two bridges are in Shelton, WA and are mainly steel super structures. The steel bridges’ scope of work involved abrasive blasting to eliminate the existing lead paint coat and applying a new three paint coat system to all steel. Two bridges involved repairing the timber portion of the bridge support. This included posting piles, replacing pile caps, stringers; sway braces, and railroad ties. Headwall and wing wall timbers were also replaced to repair the bridge approaches. Three bridges (0.15, 6.6, and 36.35) also included ballast replacement and rail alignments