Making Wishes Come True

WA Patriot has partnered with @MakeAWishAKWA to adopt the wish of 7-year-old SiddaLee to swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove in Florida. SiddaLee was diagnosed at 6 months old with stage 4 kidney disease. Despite having to endure hundreds of therapies, maintaining a special diet and undergoing dialysis, she remains an all-around happy, rainbow loving girl! She received a kidney in 2019 and is now able to enjoy a wide variety of foods.

While SiddaLee and her family were waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted, WA Patriot sent her a “wish boost” that included items to enjoy at home and on her trip. Everyone is excited that her trip is finally just around the corner and we can’t wait to get her Wish Report once it is completed!

WA Patriot is grateful for organizations like Make-A-Wish whose sole purpose is to serve children who are battling a critical illness. Making wishes come true can give children like SiddaLee and their families the chance to believe anything is possible!

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