First Annual WA Patriot “Safety Stand-Down”

The WA Patriot team, along with many of our subcontractors, participated in our first annual “Safety Stand-Down” in conjunction with OSHA’s National Fall Prevention Stand-Down during the month of May. The emphasis of the Stand-Down is to raise awareness of preventing falls in construction due to improper use of fall protection gear or the lack thereof. WA Patriot conducted Stand-Downs at our Boeing project site in Everett, our Consolidate Shops project site at Bangor, and at our Honolulu, HI project sites. The teams reviewed our Fall Protection Plan and discussed potential fall hazards, in addition to promoting the proper use of fall protection gear. The safety team’s focus reinforced WA Patriot’s Safety Mission: “Everyone Goes Home Safe.”

WA Patriot is proud to be a safety leader in our industry and we will continue to LEAD the way by discussing, promoting, and improving our safety standards.