Why Safety Matters To Us

WA Patriot’s most important resource is our people and making sure EVERYONE GOES HOME SAFE is our top priority. We take this very seriously, as we know the success of our company and the livelihood of our workers depends on it. Safety matters to us because we have families and friends with whom we want to be able to enjoy the fruits of our hard work. Family vacations, ski trips with friends, celebrating the birth of a child, or simply being able to take your dog for a walk are just some of the reasons we all strive to maintain safe and healthy lifestyles—at work and at home.

Safety Culture

Safety is embedded in WA Patriot’s core values. We place the safety of every employee, customer, visitor, subcontractor, supplier, and consultant as our highest priority on every jobsite. Our safety culture encourages and empowers everyone on the jobsite to speak out and report any unsafe work practice or condition. We hold all employees accountable for maintaining a safe work environment and for making sure unsafe conditions are not ignored.

Celebrating Safety Success

WA Patriot takes our safety practices very seriously, and we believe that personal accountability contributes to the success of our team. Our team’s commitment to safety excellence is reflected in the many industry awards we have received in recognition of our culture of safety, with our most recent award being a 2022 AGC of Washington “Safety Excellence” award.

Safety Partners

WA Patriot management staff and project teams work with industry partners to keep up on the latest safety news and technologies, and to develop the safest work practices. We partner with third party consultants to make sure we are implementing our safety policy as effectively as possible. We are also proud to partner with the Associated General Contractors of WA (AGC) as a valued Safety Team Member.