Design-Build Street Repaving Project

Farragut Ave

The scope of this project included the demolition and replacement of approximately 90,000 square feet of existing asphalt and concrete surfaces. Driving lanes were extended out 12’’ past the fog lines and existing curb and gutter, and existing utility trenches remained in place in which 24’’ isolation joints were placed around all trench lids. Traffic control and coordination with all parties was crucial in the successful outcome of this project.

Repair Sports Fields

Navy Sports Field

This was a design-build project that consisted of replacing the existing grass covered sports fields with synthetic turf for both the multipurpose (soccer / football) and softball fields, and a synthetic shock absorbing, rubberized surface for the existing jogging and running trail.

Install Arresting Gears

WA Patriot installed retractable hook support systems to replace the existing above ground arrest gear cables in use at a fully operational air field. The arrest gear cables are used for emergency landing arrest. The work included demolition of 15’ x 200’ of steel plates & concrete at the site of the existing arresting gear cable for install of the new arresting gear system. The runways were shut down to air traffic during construction but adjacent runways were operational.

Repair Railroad Bridges, Various Locations

RR Bridges

This design-build project consisted of repairing four railroad bridges in the Bremerton and Shelton areas. Two bridges are in Shelton, WA and are mainly steel super structures. The steel bridges’ scope of work involved abrasive blasting to eliminate the existing lead paint coat and applying a new three paint coat system to all steel. Two bridges involved repairing the timber portion of the bridge support. This included posting piles, replacing pile caps, stringers; sway braces, and railroad ties. Headwall and wing wall timbers were also replaced to repair the bridge approaches. Three bridges (0.15, 6.6, and 36.35) also included ballast replacement and rail alignments

Hospital Life Safety Repairs

Life Safety

This project addressed various life safety issues and general maintenance items throughout an entire hospital in Bremerton, WA. General scope included replacing ceiling tile and grid, fire stopping of existing penetrations in the ceiling space, changing out light ballasts and lamps, replacing fire sprinkler heads, installing new fire dampers, tagging out valves, and replacing misc. doors and hardware.

WA Patriot developed and effectively implemented infection control procedures throughout the entire project. The facility remained occupied and fully operational during construction.

Brooklake Community Church Expansion *

This design-build project consisted of an 8000SF addition with a new lobby, coffee shop/lounge area, and a large Children’s Worship room. This addition was designed to tie into their current congregation and education buildings, and roadwork widening improvements required by the city of Federal Way.

*Project completed by Wade Perrow Construction with current WA Patriot employees. 

Replace Gas & Water Mains, Saratoga Heights

This design-build project consisted of replacing aging 6’’ AC water lines with 6,800 LF of ductile iron pipe for a new water system. This project also replaced gas mains for 284 dwelling units in Saratoga Heights, approximately 8,400 LF of 4’’ and 2’’ PE pipe. Short runs of new service lines were installed between the new gas main and existing service lines. WA Patriot performed this project in a large family housing development with very little impact to residents.

Metagenics Research Center*

The Metaproteomics Research Facility project was completed for Metagenics, a corporation that produces nutritional supplements and medical foods to the healthcare industry worldwide.

*Project completed by Wade Perrow Construction with current WA Patriot employees.



Heritage Court Office Building*

This design/build project is a 24,000 sf structure that offers three floors of office space and a state of the art multi-media training classroom. The building sits adjacent to an existing office building, and was situated to preserve existing parking, trees, and gardens with the complex campus.

The top floor includes a balcony with a 270 degree view over the forested site and Mount Rainier. Windows, natural light, and views are prevalent everywhere in the building, and are highlighted by stairs featuring four story glass walls and roofed with skylights.

*Project completed by Wade Perrow Construction with current WA Patriot employees.